The Summit Foundation for Cystic Fibrosis

My job is to say whats on your mind

Do you know that I am very outspoken, to a fault. My brain just doesn’t tell the lips to stop moving for whatever reason. Maybe its because I know that my life will be shorter than most so I need to just get to the point. I seriously will finish your sentences if your story is too long, it’s a talent. Believe me I am doing you a favour. Because I don’t let cf define me some of my posts will just be about life stuff and absolutely nothing about cf. I was always the kid in the crowd that would say out loud that your pants are too short or you have a booger or your pen just leaked down the front of your shirt, all the while other people just stand there staring at you thinking exactly what I just said. Do me a favour tell someone when they have a booger, it is absolutely humiliating to go to the bathroom and see a dangler just after you had lunch with 3 other people and not one of those chuckleheads told you.

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