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My Take on the 80’s Gala 2017- It Was Radical!

Its been a week+ since we celebrated my 13th Gala for Cystic Fibrosis research. It went very well and we raised a lot of money. I am always in awe of this event as I meet so many amazing people who knew nothing about this monster of a disease but were so thrilled to support it and want to get involved more next year. This always makes my heart burst. I was also pleasantly surprised that, instead of waiting for 3 or 4 months on confirmation of a date for the following year I have been offered my first option date for next year. Save the date for next year: April 27 at the Calgary Hyatt. Theme to be determined. I know that many people dressed up for our 80’s night and it was just so gnarly to see how creative everyone got!! I too dressed up as my rule is always lead by example. It was nice to be comfortable and not to worry too much about a fancy hair do- when a scrunchie and hairspray was all that was required!! I had so many comments about how fun it was and what’s the theme going to be next year. It was suggested to do a 90’s theme or a Mad Men theme. I’m not sure. My ideas usually come to me in the middle of the night and I have yet to execute a dud (fingers crossed). SO hope for some sweet theme dreams!

For now I am going to bask in the glow of another amazing event, another round of dollars going to the Nicole Perkins Microbial Communities Core labs to help save my life and that of 1000’s of others and another batch of new friends and supporters to add to my Christmas card list!
Remember to have a totally awesome day and and even more gnarly night!

Me and my bad ass nephew AJ
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